Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Crazy Cards

Before the Tuesday pimpin' begins, a couple of oddball hands from yesterday.

I'm sitting at a full ring 2/4 table on Empire, about to get up and go do some yard work. I'd been multi-tabling to crank out enough hands to get into their big freeroll on Thursday and was down a bit on the table. I decided to see one last orbit in an attempt to get even.

On the button I get dealt AJ clubs. UTG bets, five others limp in, I raise, and the BB and all the others call. Eight of us see the flop, which is K Q 10 clubs. That's right, sports fans, I flopped the royal flush. That's only the second one I've ever had, and the first time that both of my hole cards played (the other one I had the 10 of hearts and the board supplied the AKQJ of hearts). It checks all the way around to me, and I just check. Turn is a 9 and MP bets. Hee. LP calls and I just call. River is a 5, MP bets, LP calls, I raise, MP re-reraises (hee) and it ends up being capped with the three of us in. I think the only thing crazier than flopping the royal flush is that I actually got action off of it.

Later that night I was playing shorthanded $25 PL Omaha and had QJJ10 double suited. I think the bet was $1 or something and five of us see the flop, which is QQJ. Obviously I like that flop, and bet something like $2. Two callers. Turn is a Q. Hee. I just checked here, as did everyone else. River is a J.

So not only do I have quads, but double quads (4 Qs and 4Js). Which obviously isn't optimal, as you'd rather the lower of the quads be live in someone else's hand, but still pretty cool to look at. Sadly I didn't get much action, as one of the players bet out $1, I raised a goodly amount, and he folded.

Allrighty then, on to the pimpin'.

I've had a relatively hard time finding good reading material online about Omaha strategy. Yes, there are some decent posts out there but most are geared towards people just starting out, with few examples of actual hands and real-world situations. I stumbled across some pretty decent articles by Rolf Slotboom (I'm just going to assume that's really his name) on CardPlayer.com. He's got some limit hold 'em articles up too (including a pretty interesting artice on playing AK), but the majority of his stuff deals with PL Omaha. Check 'em out if you haven't already, as he's a decent writer and seems to know his stuff.

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  • May the cards be with you.

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