Monday, October 11, 2004

Getting Jiggy With It

So I got bored and started tracking visitor sites for this wee humble poker blog. And lo and behold, people are actually reading. Which is cool but also slightly embarassing, as now I feel like I should do more than jot down my own poker results and thoughts and what-not.

I have to admit that it even gets a little tiresome for me, yammering on about how I did at Empire the night before, about this suckout, that bad beat, stupid fish this, stupid fish that. Blah blah blah. In a larger meta sense, yeah, that's what I want this blog to be, as far as keeping a record of thoughts and feelings during various stages of my poker playing career. But it doesn't have to be just that. Or so damn boring.

With that in mind, I'm going to get jiggy with the format. I'm going to post every Monday-Friday. Monday is going to be the wrap-up of the actual poker playing from the week before, all the boring details, the dizzying highs and lows. Tuesday is going to be nothing more than links to other great poker blogs and poker-related content out there on the Intraweb. Wednesday is going to be devoted to a mini-essay about some facet of poker play. Thursday is personal day, where I babble about real life stuff, hopefully drawing some sort of link to poker. Friday will be devoted to a review of an online site or poker book, plus info on upcoming satellites, big tournaments, etc. Plus I'll hopefully throw in a Poker Tip O' the Day with each post. Which may quickly become silly, as I think I have about three decent short, snappy poker tips I can think of.

Which is sort of boring and formulaic in itself, but I work better with schedules, so we'll see what happens. I'll probably get lazy and lapse back into my posting habits of old. We shall see.

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