Thursday, October 21, 2004

Dude, I Suck

Well, that was an odd way to finish 96th out of 133 in the blogger tournament. Key hands include:

Dealt KK, flop a set, lose to a full house. Get knocked down to about 600.

Dealt 1010, flop a set, double up.

Dealt 1010, flop a set, lose to a flopped straight. Back down to 600.

Dealt JJ, double up.

Dealt AJd, flop comes all diamonds. Get it all in with a guy who had 99 and flopped a set. Sweet. Except, umm, he catches the case 9 on the river for quads. Err, not sweet. Bye bye for me.

'Tis a little disappointing, as I had plenty of good cards and chances but I just couldn't dodge the cards I needed to dodge. Such is life, I suppose.

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