Monday, October 04, 2004

You'd think that if I had absolutely nothing interesting to post that I wouldn't post at all. Ha.

I really have nothing interesting to post. This weekend was your typical crazy, hectic weekend from hell, so I got little poker playing in. I did manage to clear the last $100 bonus from Empire. Yes, I know I bitched about them, yes, I'm a bonus whore with no moral fiber and went crawling back when they offered another reload bonus. Guilty as charged.

I did have one funny hand last night. It was late and I was tired and ready to go to bed. I had one $25 NL table up and had bled my original $25 buy in down to $8 or so. The guy immediately to my left had been bullying people around for awhile and was in general being an ass in chat. I was about to shut it down for the night but decided to limp in with A3d. Five players see the flop, which was Q 9 3 rainbow. Checks around to the bully on my left who bets $2. Everyone folds to me. I thought what the hell and push all-in. Honestly, I was pushing more out of tiredness and boredom than anything. Bully insta-calls and flips over AA. Heh.

Except the turn comes 9 and the river 3, giving me the boat. I giggled and typed "oops" in chat. And then I get a steady stream of "fu", "stfu", and, to top it off, "fuking internet players". I expressed wonder at that last one, asking him if he was astrally projecting his spirit to the Party servers, in order to avoiding being branded a "fuking internet player" himself. Which somehow branded me a "homo fag". Pointing out the redundancy there didn't endear me to him any further.

Plan is to knock off the Crypto bonuses this week and set up a PokerStars account for the blogger tournament on October 21st. Hopefully I can redeem my pitiful showing last time.

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