Monday, March 28, 2005

And I Shall Smite Thee Down With Hail

On the bright side, the poker/casino gods were kind to me this weekend.

That's about it for the bright side.

Rewind to Friday, which was a typical, normal Friday night. I was playing in the Omaha 8 tournament on Noble, wife was watching television, all was well. It was supposed to storm, fairly bad thunderstorms, but nothing seemingly too burly. So it started to rain, then rain a little harder, then, basically out of nowhere, suddenly ping-pong ball sized hall is coming in almost horizontally and slamming into the back of my house, where the patio is.

I also had the pleasure of burying the half dozen dead doves in my backyard, that didn't manage to escape the wrath of Jebus' hailstorm. Which is odd, as I thought Jebus was cool with the doves. I guess these were Satanic, heathen doves.

Assorted potted plans outside were completely destroyed. Pots and all. Just little lumps of dirts where plant + pot used to be. Crazy.

Here's to the rest of the week not sucking so much.

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