Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Noble Poker Signup Bonus: 100% up to $300

Ha. You thought you were safe from the bonus frenzy. You're never safe. You cannot escape! Muuuwaaahaaahaaaa!

Seriously, Noble Poker is offering a really, really juicy bonus for the month of March. Deposit $300 and get a 100% matching bonus, up to $300.

Noble Poker uses a homegrown system to track and release the bonus, in which you accumulate Crowns for raked hands in which you contribute (either by posting blinds or seeing a flop). You accumulate Crowns at the following rate for each raked pot you contribute to:

.25/50: 1 Crown
.50/1: 2 Crowns
1/2 and above: 3 Crowns

For every 125 Crowns you accumulate, they credit $10 in bonus money to your account within 48 hours. Each week players get a statement showing how many Crowns they've accumulated, how much of the bonus they've unlocked, and what's remaining.

This offer is good until March 31, 2005. Players qualifying for this unique offer have until June 30, 2005 to accumulate the necessary Crowns to unlock the bonus.

The Noble Poker site itself is interesting, as it offers a unique 3D table view that's kind of cool. Its part of the IPoker Network, which includes poker rooms at Club Dice, Prestige, Fair Poker, Diamond Club, and other sites. The network has decent traffic, especially at .50/1 and 1/2, so it's not hard to find a game. Since most of the sites are tied to online casinos, the play is super, super fishy. I did this one when it was just a 25% up to $100 signup bonus, cleared it all at .50/1, and booked a healthy little profit of +$378.

This is a pretty awesome bonus that clears reasonably quickly, with many fishy players. It's also nice in that the bonus is released in increments, so you don't have to play forever to clear the entire lump sum as at most sites. Support is good and cashouts are handled promptly. I'd jump on this one, even if you don't clear it immediately, as you have until the end of June to do so. These incremental bonuses are pretty sweet, as while you have to initially deposit $300, you can withdraw most of that, leaving yourself enough to play a bit, at which point you start unlocking the bonus money and are good to go, all without tying up much of your bankroll.

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