Monday, March 07, 2005

Another Day, Another...

I think I should get a calendar for my cube and start gaudily marking off days in huge, black Xs. Ominous, that is. Portentous, even.

So I finished off the Party reload last night, for a whopping profit of $16. The worst part is that I was +$600 or so, with 200 hands left to clear. A bad streak of second-best-hand-itis reared its ugly head, coupled with the fact that I was playing $100 NL and $100 PL Omaha tables, where such things can get expensive.

As dumb as it sounds, though, I don't feel that bad about the way I played. Twice I lost big hands to flopped set over flopped set, but in both cases we started with midsized pairs, the flop came seemingly ragged with one overcard that the villain seemingly got a piece of, etc. I just can't see any way to get away from hands like that at the typical Party table, so be it.

The PL Omaha losses were a bit harder to take, for the obvious reasons. Those games have suddenly gotten crazy on Party, with the changed blind structure, and the monkeys are shoving huge stacks of chips around like so much monkey candy. I'd play tight, patient, build up a decent stack and then get slapped down. It's especially hard when it's multi-way with a bunch of gamboolers, as people will literally shove with anything, once the pot reaches a certain size, so it often turns into a complete, unholy crapshoot. Twice I saw $500+ pots get shoved to someone else, with all my chips included in there, when someone caught runner runner, etc.

But that's the nature of the game. The PL Omaha sharks must be descending on Party in force right now, as if you have the skill and the bankroll to ride out the variance you'd have to be able to make a killing off those games right now.

Most of the profit that I frittered away came from one poor soul sitting at a $50 NL 6 max table the night before. I sat down, saw a few orbits, then discovered AA in the BB. Everyone folds around the Poor Soul, who completed. I just checked, because I'm sneaky like that. Another A hits on the flop and I fill up a boat on the river. He kept betting with suited trash, but managed to catch his baby flush on the river, and got his whole stack in.

So he gets pissed, rebuys, and starts talking smack, the best of which was "You just keep playing like that and see what happens." To which I respond something along the lines of "I'll keep playing like that if you promise to keep rebuying."

Two hands later I take his stack again when I flop two pair. Rebuy. The very next hand I take his stack again, this time on complete junk when I catch runner runner for a straight. He rebuys again, steaming good. He keeps raising to try to isolate me but I just start shoving with anything decent. Two more rebuys.

To be fair, this was a pretty ridiculous stretch of cards. I don't claim any great skillz here. I was freerolling with his money and playing like a loose assmonkey, as everyone else at the table kept getting out of the way.

The best part, though, was after the sixth rebuy. By now he's talking all sorts of trash, and he starts challenging me to go play heads-up, taunting me, etc. And I'm like "Dude, why would I get up and go to another table when I'm taking all your money heads-up right here?" And, to be fair, I did end up donating one of the rebuys back to him before I shut it down for the night. Fun stuff.

Not much else shaking. Put in some mindless bonus grinding time, saw Donnie Darko finally, cranked out some content for assorted endeavors. It's been raining for forever here so I didn't get a chance to knock out any looming yard/house work.

Corporate monkey work beckons. Meh.

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