Thursday, March 31, 2005

No Soup for Me

I knew I was in trouble in the blogger tournament last night when I got quad As and quad Ks within the first 15 minutes of the tourney, profiting a grand whopping total of T140 from both.

After that, I basically caught junk the short time I was alive. Stole a few blinds, got blinded down, pushed with a mighty pair of 2s hoping the min-raiser already in would fold, only to have him flip over KK. I think I finished 80th or so. Sweeeeet.

I have a horrible, horrible secret to share. I better just say it, or I'll get nervous and chicken out. I, umm... This is hard...

I don't like NL tournaments. There. I said it. Sweet Jebus, it's like a monstrous weight has been lifted from shoulders, as if I can suddenly breathe again, and hear the chirping birds. When I walk now, it is with a spring in my step, a glint in my eye.

No, really. I know that's a horribly uncool thing to say, as poker badasses are supposed to wear mirrored shades and shove huge mountains of chips around and rip the filters off their cigarettes and only, only play NL, because that's sexy poker, baby, that's where the real action is at.

More and more, though, NL just pisses me off, as far as tournaments go. I'm not referencing the tournament last night at all, as this is more directed at a general malaise I've been feeling towards NL tournaments for awhile. I just get no pleasure out of playing well for a few hours, only to have my KK lose to 79o, when the board conjures up four to the flush and I lose to a 9 high flush. Or to go out on the second hand when AA goes down to J9s when I raise 3xBB and he shoves all-in preflop and rivers a straight.

And sure, logically I know that I want impatient ass monkeys to be making plays like that. It just seems like more and more, though, the impatient ass monkey ratio in NL tournaments is increasing. To the point that I don't even relish sitting down, as I know I'll have to weather a storm of ridiculous to even make the money, much less win the damn thing.

Part of the problem, methinks, is that I typically play the NL MTTs in the $20-$30 buy-in range. Those are always going to attract a fair number of crazies, who play especially crazy early on, trying to either build a stack or bust out so they can go run around with scissors in the middle of traffic, sucking on razor blades. I should probably either bite the bullet and play in the bigger buy-in ones or, you know, just not play at all.

Man, absolutely no motivation for the day job right now. Like, umm, none.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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