Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Humpy Hump Day

On the bright side, this week is flying by. On the less than bright side, Jebus, I have a lot to get done this week and it's approximately half gone.

Details for the second stage of the Omahatastic Tournament League are finalized and here they be:

What: Omaha 8 Limit Tournament
When: Friday, March 25 9:00 PM CST
Where: Noble Poker
Cost: $0 ($50 freeroll provided by Noble Poker)
Who's Invited: You (bloggers, readers, whoever)
Tournament Name: Omaha
Tournament Password: hammer

I bumped the start time back an hour, as a few people mentioned that being slightly more convenient for them. Like the first one, this is a freeroll so you've got absolutely nothing to lose and, oh my, so very much to gain. Remember, too, that I'm adding an overlay to the overall points leaders when the first series is done (3 freerolls followed by a buy-in tournament), with the following prizes to the top 3 at the end of the first leg:

1st place: $60 + $25 Gift Certificate to Omaha Steaks
2nd place: $25 + copy of High Low Split Poker, Seven-Card Stud and Omaha Eight-Or-Better for Advanced Players by Ray Zee
3rd place: $15

I mean, come on people, if a monkey like me can win the first one only Jebus knows how well you would do.

I'm also going to add a wrinkle for this one. Starting at 8 PM CST (an hour before the tournament start), I'll be sitting at an $5 Omaha PL Sit n Go table (my username on Noble is scurvydog). If you knock me out of the SnG, you get a $10 Amazon gift certificate. I was hoping to get more hot blogger on blogger ring game action going last week but didn't organize it well and everyone got dumped out of the tournament chat when the tournament finished. So come take a shot at me at the SnG table. We'll squeeze as many in as possible before (or after)the tourney, with a bounty on my scurvy-ridden head for each one. Until, you know, you people break me and I have to go back to peddling my ass on South Congress.

Leaderboard is mostly done, save a little formatting. Thanks for bearing with me until everything is up and running at

In other news, I got a new desktop PC for home yesterday. As much as I like shiny gadgets and tricknology, I'm also kind of stubborn and will continue to use something as long as its functional and does what I need it to do. I'd had my old one five or six years, it was pretty clunky at time, still running Windows ME, would go through spells where it'd periodically freeze up exactly once shortly after booting, etc. But, you know, it worked. So I kept using it. And kept using it. And kept using it.

But Dell finally wore me down with assorted deals so now I've got a sleek, shiny new computer. I'm keeping the old trusty HP desktop I had, basically sitting exactly where it was, as the plan is to still use it to work off Crypto bonuses while I'm doing other stuff on the Dell. While I know there are sleeker ways of pulling it off (KVM switches, etc), I'm rocking the two monitor, two mouse world right now. It's actually fairly easy, as I only really need the mouse for the old PC, as far as pulling up poker sites and clicky-clicking, plus it has a wireless keyboard stashed on the filing cabinet for the rare times I need to actually typey-type on it. Test run last night went pretty well, two tabling a Crypto on one while four-tabling on Party on the other.

All of which my wife is finding infinitely amusing, especially yesterday when I was still getting used to it, grabbing the wrong mouse and/or typing away on the keyboard, staring quizzically at the screen, monkey brow furrowed, confused as to why what I was typing wasn't appearing where it should.


Slayre said...

9pm is way to late for me... :(

Slayre said...

oh wait, thats friday night.... ok, hopefully ill remember.. i see no reason to pass up free omaha lessons.. :)

Heafy said...

I'll be there again, hoping to improve on 50th. I still can't get over that.

April said...

I always thought the ass peddling was better on 7th Street...

Unknown said...

If there's a tourney this week, and I don't get too sloshed at bowling, count me in.