Friday, March 18, 2005

Be There or Be Square

One last reminder.

What: Omaha 8 Limit Tournament
When: Friday, March 18 8:00 PM CST (Server time of 22:00)
Where: Noble Poker
Cost: $0 ($50 freeroll provided by Noble Poker)
Who's Invited: You (bloggers, readers, whoever)
Tournament Name: Omaha
Tournament Password: hammer

Even if you can't make it for the tourney, though, hopefully a few cash games to follow, with all the normal blogger hilarity to ensue.

In addtion to the previously announced prize money for the top three in the standings at the end of the first round of tourneys, the winner gets the added bonus prize below:

1st place: $60 + $25 Gift Certificate to Omaha Steaks
2nd place: $25
3rd place: $15

Mmm, steaky. If you finish atop the leaderboard and are a vegan or consume only grass clippings, well, there's no better time than now to start embracing the goodness that's a tasty hunk of cow.

(We'll work something out.)

I need a monkey butler or a clone of a monkey butler or something related to monkeys and butlers and clones. Too many things to do. Too little time.

March Madness isn't treating me well, as far as bracket picks. I'm almost glad, though, as it frees me up to stop caring about what I picked and root for any and all underdogs.

Rock on. Hopefully I'll see all you fine folks at the tourney tonight. Many thanks again for the turnout. Ya'll rock.


ScurvyDog said...


It's cool, I know the guy who wrote it, all is well. Thanks for looking out for me, though.

peacecorn said...

Scurvy! That was a total blast. Thanks!

AlCantHang said...

wow, 76 entrants. Great job!

Bad timing for me as I was still participating in Irish traditions :)

Next week....