Thursday, March 24, 2005

Simian is a Six Letter Word

Just as a quick reminder, stage 2 of the Omaha 8 Limit Tournament League gets underway tomorrow night at 9:00 PM CST at Noble Poker. I'll be at the Omaha $5 SnG tables at 8:00, handing out cash to people like a drunken monkey. I've got the leaderboard up at now, at the following link: Omaha 8 Limit League Leaderboard. If you're a blogger and I missed you, holla at me and I'll link you up.

I know the freeroll format is a little annoying, what with absent players and maniacs who raise, re-raise, and cap with anything, but I wanted to cast as wide a net initially as possible to gauge the potential interest, and freerolls are a good way of doing that. Plus, you know, they're free. But keep in mind that soon these will be $5 or so buy-ins, so hopefully you'll both have a bit more incentive to win, cash-wise, as well as better competition across the board.

Wonder of wonders, this latest Party reload is treating me very well. Shhhh...

With my NCAA brackets officially busted, I'm resorting to degenerate sportsbook wagering to get my fix. Taking West Virginia +2 and Arizona +1.5. Based on my results so far, that means you should simply bet your mortgage on Texas Tech and Oklahoma State and laugh all the way to the bank.

If you're looking for a good online sportsbook, Bodog gets my vote (and my action). They offer regular reloads, process withdrawals at the speed of light, and have nice bonuses for their poker room, too. And sweet Jebus, the tables at the poker room are almost always groaning under the weight of many, many fish.

Time to go be a good corporate monkey.

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Unknown said...

I concur on the BoDog comment. Getting called all-in on OESDs and runner runner flush draws make it very profitable.

Just prepare yourself for the ultra-suckouts once in a while.