Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Mmm, Ketchup

So in all the weather-related craziness lately, I've been woefully remiss in updating on assorted fronts. I suck.

We had a pretty amazing turnout for the last Omaha 8 tournament on Noble, clocking in at 98 players. I'm still baffled, amazed, and vey grateful for everyone that's made it to one of these. Here are the top ten finishers from the last event:

1) LucidMoment
2) Ubestfold
3) TooSexy4You
4) 1rainbow1
5) CompFreak0089
6) cubixguy7777
7) Slayre
8) SophiesMuse
9) cparsley
10) Hench1818

And here are the top ten on the leaderboard after two tournaments, with total points included:

1) scurvydog...........142.99
2) LucidMoment.......125.57
3) MrSquirrel.........96.35
4) 1rainbow1.............91.61
5) Ubestfold.............88.09
6) salmonman...........78.79
7) cubixguy7777........76.72
8) TooSexy4You.........71.92
9) peacecorn...........68.52
10) grassdaq.............57.41

I'll have the full leaderboard updated on later tonight. Still working out the details for the next one, and I'll holler when it's finalized. There's the possibility that we may skip this Friday if I don't hear back soon enough, but we shall see.

On a related note, Noble just upped their signup bonus to a maximum of $500. While not quite as quick to clear as the very best bonuses, that's a nice, hefty chunk o' change that is more than manageable to actual clear and tuck away into your grubby monkey wallet, as opposed to fruitlessly Tilting at windmills for weeks and weeks, only to discover that you've unlocked exactly $1.89 of bonus money.

(Did you notice that I managed to mention the fact that I'm on top of the leaderboard without a bit of gloating? Did you see that? And don't think for a second that I'm not going to pocket the $60 first place prize, plus the $25 gift certificate to Omaha Steaks. Screw that, boss. If you want it you better get busy, hoss, and pry it out of my monkey fingers.)

Things are going pretty damn well on the degenerate gambling front. I like coasting in at the end of the month, a bit leery of playing so as not to disturb the monthly numbers that I've booked which are shaping up nicely.

If I shut things down now, this will be the fourth straight month that my degenerate activities have produced net income that is a multiple of my day job income. Interesting, that. I'll probably ramble on a bit more about that in a few days, when I actually crunch assorted numbers for the month and year-to-date.

Probably going to take it easy on the poker front for a few days. I may take a few shots at some satellite qualifiers for some big cheese tournaments here and there, but I'm a wee bit pokered out at the moment. Rest and recharge, get ready to come back strong in April.


TripJax said...

dude you are a trip...i can't wait to get in on one of calendar has been bad news lately, but i'll try and catch the next one. congrats on the omaha goodness and sorry to hear about the storm issues.

giddy up.

Poker In Arrears

Unknown said...

I will be coming to steal your blinds this Friday if I get home soon enough not to get blinded off.