Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Come on Week, Get a Move On

Trying. To. Think. Of. Something. Interesting. To. Say. Failing. Failing.

Despite being good this year and already taking care of personal tax returns, I'm dragging ass on filing the corporate stuff that needs to be filed. I really need to work on that in the upcoming year, especially as far as bookkeeping goes. I just get no pleasure from that, none, and always concoct myriad reasons to wait until the absolute last minute to get such stuff done. Not goot. Needs work.

I invested some of my degenerate winnings in CrytoLogic a week or so ago, missing out a bit on its recent run but doing okay, happy enough with the entry point. Which struck me as funny last night while working off the InterPoker monthly bonus. I can't decide if I'm being a good shareholding by whoring all the Crypto sites on a monthly basis. On the one hand, hitting up their licensees for free money every month doesn't help the licensees' bottom line, which likely isn't good for CryptoLogic in the long run. But I'm also generating nice fees for CryptoLogic by frequent use of their ECash transaction processing system. 'Tis probably a wash in the end. I have to admit that I like the circular nature of yanking steady money out of the Crypto sites and immediately re-investing it in the software provider who is in turn making money from the very same sites.

It's funny looking at my wee stock portfolio, as I still have something like 50,000 shares of some penny stock company that I got by doing some "consulting" work (i.e. shilling for them on assorted invesor forums and message boards) back in 1999. The company is a corporate shell now, after going through five or six different business incarnations, trading on the Pink Sheets, and worth approximately .00001/share. So my 50,000 shares are worth a whopping total of .50. The funny thing is that even with a discount online broker I'd pay more than what the damn shares are worth to sell them. So they just sit there. I should be an ass and have the stock certificates sent to me and make some sort effigy from them and light it afire and dance around, doing the Monkey Dance.

Yeah, that's all I've got today. Slow dancing monkeys. Carry on.

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The Bracelet said...

What do you mean that's all you got?

Dancing monkeys are gold I tell ya.