Friday, March 25, 2005

Sweet Friday

Man, don't take much to make this monkey happy. It being Friday is more than enough. The fact that I hit my parlay and every other assorted basketball bets last night is just, as they say, gravylicious.

Hope to see all you kids at Noble tonight at 9:00 CST for the Omaha craziness. don't be shy. You know you want to spank me at the tables.

I should have kept my mouth shut about running well on the Party reload, as I managed to get AA cracked four times in the span of an hour yesterday, all in ginormous pots, usually by hands like 84o that the BB felt was worth cold-calling three bets pre-flop with. Sweeeeeet. Still on track to emerge relatively unscathed, though, with the bonus plus a few extra paltry bucks. I have to say, playing on Party is more and more a struggle these days. I know, I blaspheme, I know, Party is the greatest gift to pokerkind since sliced bread, full o' fish, yada yada yada. I just make much more per hour on half a dozen other sites, which makes it harder and harder to run the Party gauntlet these days.

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