Monday, March 27, 2006

George Mason Madness

Okay, everyone who had George Mason going to the Final Four, raise your hand. *crickets chirping* *crickets chirping*

I mean, seriously, that's quite the run. Knocking off Michigan State, North Carolina, and UConn isn't exactly backing your way in due to fortuitious upsets and overrated teams being seeded too highly in your portion of the bracket. As much as I wanted them to beat UConn I kept fearing the worst, fully expecting that last 3 by UConn to go in. But nay, it didn't, somehow. Awesome. Equally awesome is the fact that they have a legitimate shot at winning the whole damn thing. How crazy is that.

Continuing my recent trend of zigging instead of zagging, I post about poker having the tendency to wipe out time for home improvement projects, then immediately launch into a home improvement project this weekend. We're about to buy ScurvyWife a kiln and needed a roof attached to the side of the house designated as kiln/welding area. Luckily the privacy fence on that side is located so that I was able to block up the existing 4x4 fence posts until they were roughly level, and ran 2x6s across the top. The elevated side of the roof attached directly to the house, with 2x6 joists and polycarbonate, for the actual roofing material. Drafted some friendly slave labor and bam, we knocked it out yesterday, with a functional, covered area about 16 feet long. It won't win any awards from the Amish Better Roof Building Bureau but hey, it's a roof, it works.

Have some actual poker babbling but that'll have to wait until a bit later until I bang out a wee bit of work and attend a few neverending meetings.


CC said...

You're more of a man than I'll ever be--I hope I never write kiln, polycarbonate, and home improvement in the same paragraph ever in my life! Congrats.

Butch Howard said...

Who had them in the Final Four?


Not sure you can actually see that link, but it is the ESPN bracket from the group we use in the office pool.

Now the confession: I know zip about basketball and entered the pool on a lark. I picked George Mason because I read Marginal Revolution.

Every other pick was either because I liked the state (not the team, the State) or whoever had the best record to date.

I just wish this kind of suckout carried over to poker.