Sunday, March 12, 2006

If I Had Many, Many Grandusands

About to sit down with 5,600+ other monkeys in the Stars $1 Million Guaranteed, which is fairly insane.

It's always fun to ponder what you'd do with (insert ginormous amount of money), if it suddenly appeared in your pocket. During my most recent poker break-up, I did stop to think at one point what I'd do, poker-wise, if money suddenly were no issue at all.

I honestly don't think I'd play much online. I'd play all the WSOP events in Vegas each year and possibly 5-6 other big tournaments, preferably ones in attractive locales (i.e. not Tunica).

It'd be fun to "occasionally" sit in some of the big cash games in vegas, with an emphasis on "occasionally", like once or twice a year.

I'd probably play some of the bigger online tournaments, likely the bigger weekend ones. In general, though, much less poker would be played.

Man, I didn't intend this to be a live blog but much craziness so far in the Stars tournament. I don't like to get involved in hands early but so far I've been all over the place in the first ten minutes, as high as 4,500 and down to 1,000 at one point. Drug a nice pot with QQ early but gave it back when AK flopped an ace but couldn't fold out Mr. Runner Runner Straight. Was looking gloomy until I flopped a set with 44 and rivered a boat for a nice chunk of chips. Now I'm back to smack dab even with 2,500 chips.

Update: Just about average stack at 3,600 at the first break. One hour into this thing and nearly 2,000 monkeys are already out. I realize a lot of people satellite into these things and other people have money to light on fire but I'm always baffled that so many people can blow through a 2,500 starting stack with a relatively slow structure in an hour.

Update #2: Wow. I guess if I have to go out, I might as well do it in style.

Nearing the second break and I had about 5,000, below average but not horribly so. AQd in the BB, idiot button raises to 1,500, SB calls, I call, willing to see a flop.

Flop is something like Qc 8d 10d. SB checks, I bet out 1,000, button insta-pushes (I have button covered by about 1,000), SB comes over the top (and has me covered), and I call. I guess I could hypothetically get away from this hand at this point but I'm just not that good and was pretty sure I was ahead of the idiot button and that SB wasn't all that strong and more interested in isolating the resident table lemur.

Button flips over the mighty K10o, no diamonds. SB flips over the mighty KQo. I'm feeling pretty good until the Kd comes on the turn, at which point I start swearing, until I realize that I just turned the nut flush. That moment of happiness, though, is brief, as the case K comes on the river, giving them both bigger boats.

Thank you, poker gods. That was pretty swell of you.


Hand 1: 65.3612 % 64.97% 00.39% { AdQd }
Hand 2: 19.2019 % 18.70% 00.50% { KcTh }
Hand 3: 15.4369 % 14.69% 00.74% { KsQh }


Hand 1: 87.3754 % 86.93% 00.44% { AdQd }
Hand 2: 08.1949 % 07.20% 01.00% { KcTh }
Hand 3: 04.4297 % 02.99% 01.44% { KsQh }


Hand 1: 90.4762 % 90.48% 00.00% { AdQd }
Hand 2: 04.7619 % 04.76% 00.00% { KcTh }
Hand 3: 04.7619 % 04.76% 00.00% { KsQh }


Hand 1: 00.0000 % 00.00% 00.00% { AdQd }
Hand 2: 00.0000 % 00.00% 00.00% { KcTh }
Hand 3: 100.0000 % 100.00% 00.00% { KsQh }


Svend-Erik Kolding said...

Suckouts are always greatly appreciated! :(

Better luck nexttime.

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