Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lazy Weekend

This weekend has been pretty nice, as it's the first that I've been able to spend solely in Lockhart with no driving/working in Austin. I did assorted odd jobs around the house yesterday, mainly patching up walls and what-not in preparation for painting. We also made pretty substantial progress in the War of Moving Box Aggression, managing to annex those cardboardy bastards out of most of the house.

Continued to grind off some more sportsbook bonuses, as well as donking around a bit at 10/20 HORSE at Stars. Other than the ugly teeth kicking in at 30/60, I've pretty much been holding my own at the 10/20 games, over a decent number of hands. Which sort of begs the question as to why I continue to play, if I'm really not making much money. And I don't have a good answer, other than its still fun. So I'll go with that whole fun thing.

As far as silly NFL sportsbetting, this week is going to be a slim one, as I'm not comfortable with most of what's out there. Below is the best I can scrape up, as far as games to lay some degenerate money on:

Packers +254 at Pinnacle vs. Lions

This is more a value bet than a bold feeling that the Packers will win. Both these teams are terrible and yeah, Favre seems to play even worse at Detroit (if that's possible) than elsewhere in recent years, but I refuse to believe that any team in the NFL should be a +200 dog versus the Lions, even playing at Detroit.

Carolina -3 -110 at Cascade vs. Tampa Bay

Phil Simms would be better at QB for the Bucs at the moment, as Chris just keeps taking bigger steps backwards. Tampa has shown next to nothing so far this year and the Panthers simply can't go 0-3 and hope to make any noise come playoff time. The Bucs are not a good football team. Any semblence of good football from them last year was largely smoke and mirrors and Phil's Son pretending at times to be a quality NFL quarterback.

Eagles -6 -111 at Pinnacle vs. SF

49ers are showing signs of life, true, but I think Philly easily covers here, getting up big early and coasting. The Eagles pretty much dominated the Giants last week yet somehow managed to lose and I think they come out fired up this week and take care of business versus SF.


CC said...

"...other than it's still fun..."

I think that's what's drawing me to HORSE as well, both the fun and the experimenting that I have to do since I don't know really what I'm doing most of the time. Add in more decision making that leads to more trying to figure stuff out. Hope we can share the felt soon (or not actually!).

Rod said...

"Favre seems to play even worse at Detroit"

You do know that is a myth right?

ScurvyDog said...


Looking back at the stats over the last year, you're about 2/3rds right. Favre did have a good game in Detroit in 2004, 2002, and 2001, leading the Pack to vitory. But he had pretty bad games there in 2005 (0 TDs, 2 INTs, 2 fumbles, sacked 4 times) and
2003 (2 TDs, 3 INTs, 1 fumble, sacked 4 times), both Packer losses.

I'll grant you that my off the cuff take was that he plays worse in Detroit, so my bad for sloppy off the cuff thinking. Kinda hard to argue that he's actually posted stellar numbers there, though.