Friday, September 29, 2006


Managed to bubble in a double shootout last night to the Sunday $3 Million guaranteed WCOOP event. I need to cut that bubbling stuff out, as the list of satellites that I've come up one spot short in (yet managed to take home exactly $0 for my efforts) is getting fairly large, including a WSOP ME satellite, a PokerDome final, and a handful of other events paying out pretty big entries/packages.

The bubble last night wasn't horribly painful, though, as I was living on borrowed time at the final table anyway, sucking out twice with AJ at my first table when my M was < 5 in the late stages, successfully outrunning AK and KK. Got heads up at the final table outchipped 3-1 but managed to double up fairly quickly and then steadily chipped up, to the point where I was up 3-1 but couldn't close it out. We were about even when he completed from the SB and I checked my 87o, only to see a flop of 8c 7c 5h. All the money goes in, he rolls over 46o, and I can't fill up and go out the next hand shoving in my 500 or so remainng chips. At least it removed the potential quandry of whether to play in Sunday's event or take the 2600 W$ and run.

Edit: Heh. Just managed to satellite into WCOOP #15, teetering on the brink of yet another bubble but pulling it out in the end. If I was smart I'd take the 530 W$ and run, as PLO is far from my game of choice, but I'm working from home today and it's about as convenient for me to play as any event will be, so I'll probably roll the bones and play.

I'm pretty meh about both the Cardinals and Astros, but it's pretty painful to watchthe Cards self-destruct here at the end of the season. I suppose I'm rooting for them to pull it out, if for no other reason than it makes Roger Clemens look like more of a tool, as the 'Stros would likely be sitting in much better shape if he hadn't pulled his now regular Gee-I-Don't-Know-If-I-Want-To-Play (But-What-I'm-Really-Saying-Is-I'd-Rather-Just-Work-Half-a-Year-and-Still-Force-You-to-Pay-Me-a-Boatload-of-Money) routine.

I've been following assorted threads at 2+2 concerning the online gambling is of the devil and must be outlawed saga that is presently unwinding, and I can't say I'm very optimistic at the moment. We seem to have caught pretty much a perfect storm of unfavorable circumstances, with the current wacked out "moral compass" of this country swinging ever farther to the right, and Frist consumed with delusions of grandeur and his willingness to do absolutely anything that he thinks will increase his 0.02% chance of securing the Republican nomination up to 0.287%. That's the truly sad part about all this, as I could at least give him some grudging credit for all his machinations if he had a real shot at the nomination, because then it's just a case of being ruthless and driven. As is, his effective chance of getting the nomination (regardless of whether he managed to ban the evil Satan of online gambling) is 0%, so he just comes off as ruthless, driven, and idiotic. Thanks, Bill. Why don't you just go back to taking naps on huge piles of money that your family made from charging poor people in Tennessee too much for basic health care?

On the very bright side of things, I pretty much have the entire week off next week, so a big thumbs up to that. Hoping to knock out tons of work around the house and get in some poker playing.


Rich said...

I'm a Cards fan and I share the same feelings as you do. I'm almost to the point where I wish Clemens would have been with the 'Stros the whole year so that I wouldn't have to go through this gut-wrenching final week collapse.


Haley said...

"They have no choice but to bar US players from playing for real money, even if there's no immediate threat of enforcement."

Not sure I agree with you on this. I'm rather more sure that other sites, such as those incorporated in Antigua, don't feel beholden to U.S. laws.