Saturday, September 16, 2006

ScurvyPicks: NFL Week #2

(This is, of course, going to absolutely doom me, as I went 5-0 with my picks last week, when I kept mum about it, so now that I publicly reveal said picks I'm essentially guaranteeing I'll go 0-5 this week.)

It's been a very good degenerate month for me so I thought I'd reward myself last week by splashing some bets around on NFL games, actually wagering real money on the outcome of games (*gasp*). Like I said, 'twas a good week, to the point that my head has swelled enough to post my picks for this week.

Indy +13 +102 at Pinnacle vs. Houston

Houston just isn't very good. (Sorry, April). I normally shy away from big favorites in the ParityFL these days but not when the favorite is Indy playing Houston.

Atlanta -5.5 -105 at Pinnacle vs. Tampa Bay

Tampa isn't as bad as they looked last week, but the Atlanta D is going to feast on Phil's Son. I was tempted to take the Under/35 instead of the spread but I like the odds of Atlanta covering the spread slightly better.

St. Louis -3 -104 at Pinnacle vs. San Francisco

This scares me a bit because I don't understand why the Rams are just -3 here (pretty much across every book), as I'd figure them for at least -5/-6 versus the lowly 49ers. So, umm, yeah. Like the Rams a lot at -3, which scares me a bit in its seemingly no-braineresqueness.

Giants +3 -115 at CanBet vs. Philly

Sorry, Al. I don't love this game but I think it's a case of the Giants being better than they showed in their opener and Philly not quite as good as they appeared.


April said...

If announcing your picks means you lose every one, then you can pick against the Texans all you want!! :)

The Happy Rock said...

I really liked the 49ers, and from what I saw most people were picking the 49ers, ergo dunc thus -3 instead of -6.

Looks like they were right.

Great start to the you NFL season though.


Otis said...

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“Call me, Mack, kid.”

“Then call me Billy. Listen, I like the way you play cards.”

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t tell if the kid was playing me or not.

“But I like the way you tell stories even better.”

Again, I didn’t say anything.

The kid looked down the road in the direction of the Collis Cuttrell Memorial Highway and lit a cigarette. I wasn’t quite sure whether to start talking or go back to the poker table.

Then he turned back around. The slits from eyes were gone and he was looking at me through stone cold sober eyes.


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