Friday, March 04, 2005

I Came To Get Down, I Came To Get Down

Raise your hand if you just listened to "Jump Around" by House of Pain six consecutive times? That's what I thought.

Man, I am a happy gotdamn monkey right now. Why, you say? Because they finally restored our telecommuting privileges at work. Which means I'm sitting at home this glorious Friday. In my boxers. Jumping around.

Working five day weeks in the office had been putting a crimp on my bonus whoring a bit, as there's only so many hours in the day. Now the mega whoring may resume, in full force. Hide your womens and children. Well, the womens.

Off to a running start this month, as far as degenerate gambling goes. I'm really liking the changes at Party to the blind structure for NL. The $50 NL game is suddenly mas juicy. Probably not enough to keep me there once this reload is worked off, but much more fertile waters these days.

I feel very able this days. Potent, even. Which is funny, as my day job (which should be a large defining measure in my life, being a vocation and all) just continues to become more and more ridiculous and emasculating. A large part of that is the crazy run I've been on at the virtual tables the last few months, but it's also more than that.

I've spent a lot of time scrabbling, scrabbling at poker, at assorted business ventures and projects, trying to make something work, to get ahead, to put myself in a position where my success was dependent on one thing: how hard I worked. And I scrabbled pretty fucking hard for the last five years or so, especially at the beginning, learning HTML, putting in 80-100 hour weeks, saving as much money as I could.

And I'm not where I want to be, probably not even half way. But it's pretty fucking nice to be getting there, to see all the assorted endeavors accumulate to the point where they provide a legitimate, honest-to-goodness living wage, to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and know for certain that it's really daylight, and not an oncoming train. And to know that I made it happened, through sheer dint of effort, stitching it together out of sackcloth.

So yeah. Jump around. Jump around. Jump up Jump up and get down. Jump (18x).


Shelly said...

Congrats - it sure feels good to get to a point in life where you feel productive and maybe - just maybe - successful. Or, at least feeling like there's real true potential for life to turn out really, really good. :) Definitely an exciting time. I'm in those woods myself. Keep on running over those tables!

jremotigue said...

Now I remember why I've been singing Jump Around for the last few days.

i'm the cream of the crop
i rise to the top...