Saturday, March 19, 2005


So wow. We ended up with 76 entries for the Omaha tournament I organized on Noble last night. Granted, a lot of those were no-shows who blinded off but still, not bad at all for something I banged together at the last minute on a site not many people had played at before. I've said it before but I'll say it again: all of you who showed up to support it (and those who wanted to but were waylaid by other obligations) rock, and rock mightily. Many, many thanks.

As far as results, here be the top 15 that made the money, with links to the blogs of those that I know (if you were a blogger and I don't have you linked, holler and it shall be done):

1. scurvydog
2. MrSquirrel
3. salmonman
4. bigace55
5. peacecorn
6. street51
7. grassdaq
8. REdwing
9. Tamster
10. xiaojiang
11. acesfulkings
12. tobyleah
14. Cable
13. 1rainbow1
15. Runaway

Obviously online poker is so rigged, seeing as I won the damn tournament I organized (with an assist from MrSquirrel at the end, due to how long a heads-up battle would have taken to resolve). I would like to say it's due to my mad Omaha skillz, but we all know it's more to do with the handy button I was provided as organizer, the Give-All-Chips-To-ScurvyDog one, which I was pounding madly with my monkey fist the whole night.

I should have the details nailed down in a few days as far as the time and date for the next tournament in the series next week. I'm still working on the permanent home for all the league stuff, which will all eventually reside at, but it should be up and running in at least bare bones fashion in a few days, with the leaderboard info, time of next tournament, prizes, etc.

If all this proves to not be too much of a pain in the ass, I may try to do the same thing for Razz and Stud tournament leagues. Still feeling all this stuff out, but I think it'd be cool to run ongoing leagues in assorted games like that. A tournament every week may be a bit much but every two weeks might work, with prizes for the top finishers every three months. Or something like that. Still need to work assorted details out and all that jazz.

Switching the channel slightly, umm, hello, Full Tilt? That withdrawal I requested almost a week ago? Any sign of it? I don't mean to be an impatient monkey but that's a little ridiculous. I expect delays like that from some of the shadier casinos I occasionally play at but not from an otherwise reputable site.

Not much exciting going on, other than a lot of basketball watching and a lot of poker playing. Best damn time of the sports year, right now. Woot.


peacecorn said...

I'd totally be up for some Razz action! I can't find email address on your site, but if you want to link to my blog in that list above, it's at

Thanks again for a great time last night. Micro-limits on Noble, here I come.

Unknown said...

Count me in. Bowling night this week went a little longer then expected per Guniness on special :)

Josh said...

Just another classic example of people not putting their money where their mouth is. Hey, FullTilt, how about the old expression: "Put up or shut up."

Felicia :) said...

I would like to join and be "dead money" during my confinement.

NumbBono said...

That's for the great Omaha tournament. I had a blast. I finished 8th (Redwing). If you want to link to my blog, it's at

It's a blog I started last year, and will now be posting to regularily, thanks to the inspiration of reading yours and all the other fine blogs out there.

Feel free to add my blog to your list on the right as well. Actually, I'd appreciate it if you did. After all, what's a blog without someone to read it?

Again, thanks for throwing that tourney together, and keep us posted on upcoming tournaments.