Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Pox on Your House, Blogger

Thank you, Blogger, for eating that huge post reviewing the last month in my degenerate gambling world. I like it when you do that. Yeah, just like that. Oh, I may claim otherwise, may shake my fist at you in mock rage. But you know me, baby, all my deep, dark secrets. Yeah, baby, yeah.

I had a really good month. Insanely good. I guess I'll leave it at that.

Well, not quite. I've made a ton of money since November chasing poker and casino bonuses. It's allowed me the bankroll to play in higher stakes games, which is increasingly boosting the bottom line. Long story short, never underestimate what poker bonuses and casino bonuses can do for your bottom line.

Now on to the fun stuff.

To recap a bit, I decided last month to start bribing poker bloggers with cold, hard cash to be funnier and to think more deeply. The more that happens, the better, for each and every one of us. Which isn't to say that bloggers weren't already thinking deeply or being fun, as they most definitely were. I just thought it'd be interesting to add a little giddy to the giddy-up.

So, with no further ado, drumroll please...

The Deep Thinker Award in Poker Blogging: February 2005


If you don't check out his blog regularly, you're doing yourself a disservice. While he plays slightly higher stakes NL than most of us grinders, he goes out of his way to not only provide lots of juicy strategic content, but also mixes it up nicely, with occasionally hand histories, quizzes, and general thoughts and strategies. While rich in poker strategy, the format is never pedantic and dry and always entertaining and engaging.

The Laugh Yo' Monkey Ass Off Award in Poker Blogging: February 2005

Based on years of experience...

While Bob has yet to learn the simple fact that monkeys > Jebus, he is pretty damn funny, on a daily basis. Throw in a little nut cancer, gangsta rap, and girlish fright at buying condoms and you have a great recipe for a very entertaining read. Plus he sneaks in a fair amount of poker content, too, when you're not looking. Go get you some of that, if you aren't already.

As promised, both worthy winners get $25 each added directly to their PokerNow account. (If you guys actually read this damn thing, holler at me at scurvydog@tptk.com to let me know your screen name. Or if you don't have a PokerNow account, whine and beg and plead and I'll get your winnings to you via some other alternative means.)

For everyone else, hey, it's March, and now it's your turn to be funny and to think deeply. Two winners each and every month. And all you gotta do is keep on doing what you do well.


Human Head said...

After having the same thing happen twice, I began writing and doing all of my formatting in Word, then just copying and pasting over to blogger. It saves a lot of anger when it tries to eat a post.

doubleas said...

Thanks ScurvyDog.

I don't put it in a word document, but I will at least Ctrl-C it so it is in the clipboard.

Unknown said...

Has PokerNow done anything new lately? Haven't found a reason to go back.

The Bracelet said...

Thanks ScurvyDog!

The award couldn't go to a better man. I rock!

Actually, all joking aside, I am quite honored whenever anyone finds my site entertaining. It's very much appreciated. I'm going to return the favor and send my tens of readers your direction. Except massive statcounter jumps over the next few days!

I don't have a pokernow account. I pretty much only have neteller, Party, PokerStars, and soon to be FullTilt.

The $25 is really no big deal if it's gonna cost transaction fee's and such. The honor and the thought are what counts.

Thanks again!