Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Calling All Those Bitten by the Bonus Bug

Allrighty then. Announcement time.

As you should know by now, I likes me some bonuses. Poker bonuses, casino bonuses, I likes them all. This is partially due to my greedy monkey nature, but also due to the fact that for most people, bonuses are a great way to build and sustain a bankroll, especially when just starting out. I can say, without a single flicker of a doubt, that I'd never be where I am today if I didn't have bonuses to sustain me through the lean, frustrating times.

I've had a lot of good feedback about the poker and casino bonus guides I banged together, which led to lots of email exchanges with all sorts of folks. Which is cool, as I like feeling somewhat helpful, putting to use all this wacky knowledge I've accumulated from chasing bonuses on about 127 kajillion different sites.

One frustrating thing, though, is that I kept having the same conversations over and over and over. Which I don't mind personally so much, but it seemed a waste, as other people could have definitely profited from listening in, yet I didn't want to turn the ol' blog into a mouthpiece for just bonus related stuff.

So I decided to put together a website/forum, just for the sort of stuff. And finally, finally, it's finished enough to take off wrapping materials.

BonusBug.com: Poker Bonuses, Casino Bonuses, Bingo Bonuses, Oh My!

Keep in mind that this is basically a beta release, and that it'll eventually look much slicker, you'll be able to sort by criteria, and all sorts of other cool jazz. I've also only added about 25% of the bonuses that will eventually be there, so there'll be many more bonuses added on an ongoing basis, as well as site reviews, etc.

The real meat of the site is (and will be) in the forums. I'll list breaking news on poker relaod bonuses there, new bonuses that crop up, trip reports for specific bonuses, as well as general advice and strategy for both poker and casino bonuses. The basic idea is to bring all the necessary info to make a ton of money from poker and casino bonuses into one place, so that people don't have to hop over here, hop over there, etc. to find what they're looking for.

Very soon I'll be adding a email bonus newsletter (likely weekly), as well as a monthly sweepstakes. You'll basically get one entry into the sweepstakes each month for being an active member on the board (at least one post), as well as one entry for every bonus you click through the links on the site and complete. At the end of the month all the entries will go into a hat and winners will get chip sets, KEM cards, gift certificates, etc. Still working out the final kinks but that'll be the basic format.

So, if you have a second, kick around the site a bit and let me know what you think. Like I said, it's still very much beta at this point, so any and all suggestions are greatly welcome. While part of me wanted to wait until I added more content, I also wanted to get this thing out the door so the tires could be kicked a bit.


Captain Freeman said...

Hey scurvey, long time listener, first time caller (I think). Just wanted to let you know how much bigger my bankroll is thanks to your bonus guides. The new site doesn't look like much yet, and I haven't read even half the posts (damn my job anyway), but I think it's really cool of you to put it together. I'm a web developer/database admin, if you ever need/want any help drop me a line. Oh, and BTW, a minor bug in your ear since I haven't seen you mention it yet: RSS feeds :-). Thanx again.


Ankhorahil said...

Just found this site from another blogger's link; the message boards look good and I think I really need to check out your guides and start working up bonuses

TripJax said...

Sweet valley high you've got a good thing going here!

I'll be on that site all the time. Good job.

Poker In Arrears

Drizztdj said...

You're going to be the end of me.