Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Little of This, Little of That

Played a little more on GamesGrid yesterday. Still on the fence, by and large. I don't mind the fact that it's still extremely low-traffic and hard to find a table, as I can usually work around that and am not of the school of thought to obsess too much about table selection at smaller limits, by and large. The bonus clears fairly slowly, somewhere between the glacial rate at FullTilt and Paradise. Actually, it's pretty dang close to Paradise, as far as the speed and fashion it clears at.

My biggest gripe is that the software is pretty slow, as far as action at the table. For some reason it is coded to take forever to deal the damn flop, and the action buttons don't always seem to work at first click. Total hands per hour were really low when I was playing, like in the 20-40 hand/hour range at a full table. Which is pretty meh in my book. So yeah. Meh.

I'll likely hang around and chip away at the bonus when bored, as it is a decent bonus, and not a bad one to lock in if the site takes off and the games/software improves. I went ahead and chunked in $500 for the full $5,000 bonus, just to lock it in in case they lower it after their grand opening. I'm going to withdraw most of that deposit later today and will report back as far as cashout time to Neteller, etc.

Not much shaking elsewhere. I got a nice schwag package from Absolute in the mail yesterday, containing a deck of promotional cards and a decent baseball cap and polo shirt. I'd deposited a goodly bit a week or two ago to build up points for their freerolls and I guess I tripped some sort of high roller (ha) threshhold, as I got a phone call offering the care package and a free entry into a WSOP satellite later in the month.

So far I've managed not to play any online WSOP satellites, but I'll definitely be hitting up the blogger one for the $1,500 event in Vegas. This sounds arrogant, and honestly, I don't mean it as such, but I've avoided the online WSOP main event satellites for the very dumb reason of not knowing what the hell I'd do, if I did indeed win a seat in the main event. I think I'd have to hock it and take the $10,000 in cash, as much as that would pain me, as the odds would strongly indicate that's by far the most +EV option. But it'd cause me great monkey pain to do that, passing up a free (sort of) shot at the main event.

Yeah, I know. I'll just shut up now and return to debating in my head whether or not being married to Jessica Alba would be worth the hassle of having to lug around a fat, heavy wallet all the time, along with the necessary beating stick to keep all the gawking, slobbering CroMags in line whenever we went out in public.

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Drizztdj said...

I doubt you'd need to do much about the gawkers, she looks like she can handle herself.