Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tuesday's Gone With The Wind

I've been at work for 5 hours and have been in meetings for 4.5 hours of that time. That math is all kind of messed up.

Work. Man. Isn't it time for the corporate world to go through some sort of paradigm shift in which acronyms are suddenly un-cool? Haven't we been neck deep in acronyms for too long? Please Jebus tell me that the corporate acronym market is, indeed, cyclical. 'Cause I'm going to cut loose with a monkey caterwaul if I have to keep balancing my LDP and LAP goals, balancing them against the S.M.A.R.T. methodology as I achieve my TIP aspiration.

Finally got off my monkey arse and updated the Omaha 8 league results for the first stage of tourneys. Drumroll please...

1st Prize ($60 + $25 Gift Certificate to Omaha Steaks ): grassdaq
2nd Prize ($25 + copy of High Low Split Poker, Seven-Card Stud and Omaha Eight-Or-Better by Ray Zee): peacecorn
3rd Prize ($15): Cardozer

Once again, congrats to all the winners, and many thanks to everyone who made it out for the tourneys. 'Tis truly appreciated and you are truly wonderful beings, each and every one of you. (Cardozer, if you're lurking out there, shoot me an email at scurvydog@tptk.com so I can get in touch with you; grassdaq and peacecorn, I'll be getting in touch with momentarily as far as details of getting you your hard-earned prizes.)

As far as the Omaha 8 league moving forward, well, I'm not exactly sure. I was hoping we'd get more of a turnout and I feel bad that some people felt obligated to play the last few, just so that we had the minimum of 10 to get the tourney underway. Don't get me wrong, I like the league idea, and I'm more than happy to keep offering prizes. The tournaments are also automatically set up for us now every Friday at the same time, so there's no additional administrative work to do. Personally, I'd love to see them keep rolling, and like I said, I'll keep handing out assorted cool prizes. But if there's no demand, well, there's no demand, and I don't want to keep twisting assorted arms. So I'll likely let 'em sink or swim and see what happens the next few weeks. I'll post reminders here, and, by all means, come out and play, but, you know, don't feel obligated just because of little ol' me.

This has been posted elsewhere, but Ultimate Bet is offering another 50% reload bonus, up to $100, good until Wednesday April 20. For all you obsessive dataminers out there, there's also a new handy tool that lets you automatically import Ultimate Bet hands, as well as observed ones (just like on Party), available here at the PokerTracker forum.

I'm actually, gasp, about to catch up on assorted bonuses I had piled up everywhere. I worked off two lingering ones I had on PokerStars last night, finishing up with a tidy little profit when it was all said and done. That site baffles me sometimes, as far as the tight passive play, even at the short-handed tables. I swear to Jebus I pimped some poor dudes BB from the SB every single time, for like 20 orbits, and he never once called my raise. Not once. I'm not even sure he would have defended (unless he had KK or AA) if I told him, point-blank, that I was going to raise his BB every time no matter what two cards I had.


Heafy said...

Well done on the Omaha 08 tournys! I'm disapointed I couldn't play in more, but I think I should be able to jump in every second week now that the free rolls have ended.
And I love it that you stol the BB for 20 orbits and didn't tell him. Remember the golden rule, don't tap the glass!

Drizztdj said...

Bowling league is finally done this week, so starting next I'll be able to take everyone's money in O8 :)

peacecorn said...

Oh, I'll be back to defend my 2nd place title. See you Friday! (Thanks for setting all this up and keeping it going. I've had a blast.)