Monday, April 25, 2005

First things first, big props to Bob, Patron Saint of Nut Cancer in taking first in the WSOP blogger satellite. I literally got home, fired up the computating device, and managed to log on and find the table just in time to see the very last hand. Nice work, sir, and congratulations.

I'm full of props (and coffee) this morning. Many thanks to those souls who made it to the O8 tourney at Noble on Friday night. Here be the top three finishers.

1) Heafy
2) Cardozer
3) salmonman

The second leg of these will run for eight tournaments, with mad, crazy prizes to the top 3 on the leaderboard at that point.

In other news, my yard officially kicked my ass this weekend. Kicked it good and proper. Phase 2 of the Great Landscaping Project is about to get started (with three tons of limestone being delivered this week), which meant that I had to, umm, finish up the lingering odds and ends of Phase 1, including finishing up the fish pond, shifting crushed granite around, and other assorted fun.

It's also our semi-annual Bulk Trash Day, that joyous time of the year when you drag and and all ungodly bulky trash to the curb and the poor schmucks who work for the city come and haul it away. They need to institute some sort of method of tipping those guys, as I always feel bad each time, leaving what looks like the mangled wreck of the Lusitania at the curb, only to have it all magically disappear. I'm proud to say that, once again, I retain the crown of Bulk Trash King in our neighborhood. Boo ya.

I got a little poker playing in this weekend, but not too much. I've been chipping away at a lingering UB bonus. Sort of slow going but at least it's going. I've finally gotten one of my many side poker projects nearly to the unveiling point, details coming soon.

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Huge Junk said...

Thanks! I'm so pumped I won that I probably won't wish nut cancer on anybody for at least a day or two.