Monday, April 18, 2005

Some Sort of Poker Stuff About Poker

So yeah. Poker. Hmm.

More and more I find myself struggling with things to relate that I consider useful, as far as teh poker goes. This wasn't always the case, as I used to regularly opine about things such as table selection, analyzing betting tendencies, site selection, and other assorted meta poker issues. Lately, though, I gots nothing, when I sit down to insert words into this blog thing.

It's not that I'm not playing much; I am. It's not that I'm in a poker funk; I'm not. Other than quick and dirty bonus clearing here and there, I've been sitting 10/20 on a regular basis and doing well.

And therein lies the rub, methinks. There's just really not a whole lot to say, when you get over the rush of moving up in limits, when you realize that you're playing with the same monkeys, that the only thing different is that the chips equate to more virtual dollars. And it doesn't take long to become numb to even that, to some extent. On the flip side, grinding out an Empire reload at 4 shorthanded 1/2 tables is just a mindless exercise of alternately clicking the raise and fold buttons thousands of times.

Here's the real problem. I'm not a great poker player. I'm just not. Yes, granted, I'm a pretty good poker player. I've studied enough and ground through enough hands to assemble a decent little bag o' tricks and skillz and bankroll that enables me to play poker and make pretty decent money. Which is very cool and is something I'm very grateful for.

But at the end of the day I'm also a lazy monkey, in many ways. Give me a nice little comfort zone and I stay pretty firmly esconced in it. Even thought I fully recognize the dangers of stasis, I can't help but shrug a bit lately when confronted by it. If what I'm doing is working, well, you know, cool.

Which I guess, by and large, is just a long-winded quasi backwards apology. Things are going well in the poker world for me lately but by and large not very conducive to thought-provoking posts.

In other news, many thanks to everyone for making it to the Noble O8 tourney on Friday night. I'll post the final leaderboard standings later tonight, but congrats to grassdaq for taking down first place and th juicy prize money and steaks that accompany it. nice work, good sir.

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