Friday, April 01, 2005

Ultimate Bet, Empire, and InterPoker Bonus News

The good bonus news:

UltimateBet is offering a one day only 50% reload bonus, valid today, April 1. Deposit $200 to get the maximum $100 bonus.

Assorted rumors point towards an Empire reload coming out on April 6th, 25% reload bonus up to $150, 10x raked hands to clear it. This may or may not happen but the details have been live on the Empire site at various times, so odds are good it'll go live.

The bad bonus news:

InterPoker just raised the hand requirement for its monthly bonus, up to 8x. While the bonus this month is 100% bonus match up to $100, you'll have to play 800 hands to clear it (as opposed to the normal 5x or 500 hands that applied in the past). No word on whether this is a permanent change but more than likely it is.

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