Thursday, April 21, 2005

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

I’m starting to get amused at my inability to get out of the Party WSOP Step 1 SnGs. I don’t have the exact stats in front of me, but I’ve played about 30 so far, and I’m still at Step 1. I’ve also only paid the actual $12 entry fee twice. So, umm, yeah. I suck, but I suck only enough to not win one of the freaking things. I’m at least getting a decent amount of play for my buckage, so there is that.

(To be fair, I’m having an odd streak of cards, as I’m a decent SnG player and I’m playing aggressively, I just can’t cobble together enough hands to win one. Yes, I know, still pitiful. Agreed.)

Got knocked out in a turbo satellite on Stars yesterday, two spots from getting a free entry into the $160 double shootout qualifiers they’re running for the WSOP main event. The BB (who’d built a huge stack and was folding his way for the last half hour to a seat in the bigger satellite) suddenly woke up from the BB when I pushed with AJs from the button. His hand? 82o. Umm, okay, thanks partner. I realize it was only 14K more for you to call, and that was only a fifth of your stack, but, umm, yeah, thanks a pant load. He of course flops two pair and I’m a bubble monkey.

So the wife and I have a prior engagement for Sunday night. Which of course is when the blogger satellite tourney for the $1,500 WSOP event in Vegas is. I briefly entertained the notion of begging off but the wife has been really, really understanding about all the degenerate time I’ve been logging lately, and this thing is more her deal than mine, so I just don’t think I can beg off, all things considered.

That said, there’s an outside chance we’ll be back in time for me to only be AWOL for a half hour or so. So I’m tempted to sign-up and hope I don’t blind off too far. Which is what I’ll probably do, as worst case scenario I’ll completely blind off and at least donate to a good cause.


Chilly said...

If I can get my stupid account funded I am going to play a late start too.

April said...

Ooo! Ooo!! Blind off at my table!! ;)

And come play with us Saturday night!

Drizztdj said...

My Friday evenings should be open now...

Barring other engagements that my wife makes up, I should be at the next Omaha tourney.