Monday, April 11, 2005

GamesGrid Poker

As if there aren't enough poker sites out there, lo and behold, GamesGrid Poker.

I was a little suspicious, as there have been assorted attempts to shill for the site on 2+2, but so far it looks pretty legitimate. The poker room has only been open for a few days, so it's still extremely low-traffic, but they seem to be making good on the promtions thet're offering, which include a 1,000% signup bonus (yes, kids, you read that right, a $5,000 bonus on a $500 deposit), as well as a frequent player program that pays you hourly if you play more than 10 hours/week on the site.

The bonus is released in increments of $5, with 365 days to clear the full bonus amount. You get points towards clearing the bonus for being dealt cards in a hand that's eventually raked, so you don't have to contribute to the pot, as is the case with some slower bonuses. That said, it's pretty slow to clear, especially at lower limits. I haven't been able to find a game in anything higher than 2/4, so I don't know if it clears faster at higher limits.

You can also withdraw most of your deposit, leaving just enough to play, so you're not tying up a bundle of money in a new, low-traffic site. Software interface is decent enough. it's kind of different, though, and the flop is dealt painfully slow, so if you don't like "different" interfaces (i.e. non-Party interfaces), you probably won't like this one.

While the poker room is brand spanking new, the site has apparently offered backgammon since 1997, so it's not a completely new operation.

I played a bit yesterday and will probably hang around, as the games are pretty dang soft. Very low traffic right now, so be forewarned, but it's only been open for a few days, so hopefully that'll improve.

If you give it a shot, feel free to put "scurvydog" in as the referral nickname. If you do, you'll be blessed with great luck and fortune and your toast shall always fall butter side up.


AlCantHang said...

I was checking out that site last night. Wasn't sure if what they were promised was real.

I guess I'll give it a shot. Another blogger site while everyone clears the bonus.

Johnny Mac said...

See some thoughts over at LJ Poker.

Slayre said...

That bonus sounds too good to be true.... guess I'll have to check it out....

pmdvert said...

I am posting this information to let all of you know of one of the hottest online poker sites, GAMESGRID POKER. This site is only one month old but has operated as a backgammon site since 1997. Their gimmick is to offer new players a 1000% deposit bonus. Now you may be thinking, this is ridiculous, well I thought the same. I read about this site in detail and found out this is no lie. Rather than spend thousands of dollars advertising online and in poker publications, they decided to give the money back to the players in exchange for word of mouth advertising. Well let me tell you, it WORKS. I joined the site on Saturday 4/23/2005 and today is Wednesday and the membership has almost doubled since I've joined. Here is what they offer.

--1000% up to $5,000 (bonus is cleared through playing raked hands and the money is transferred to your account daily via a points for cash system.

--If you use my screenname as a referral PMDVERT, you will be eligible for the VeryFrequentProgram(VFP) which means if you play atleast 10 hours a week, you will be paid hourly JUST FOR PLAYING. Assuming you are a $2/4 limit player, that works out to $6 per hour, or 3 times the BIG BLIND...PER HOUR.

--If you refer other players, you will collect one ninth of all the rakes they are involved in, for their entire time on the site. (not too shabby for doing nothing)...

Just throwing this out there because I think it a great oppurtunity. If you have any questions. feel free to ask and I will respond as quickly as possible.