Monday, April 11, 2005

Search Terms that Make You Want to Claw Your Eyeballs Out

Umm, whoever is looking for "Sklansky gigolo" and keeps finding my blog, erm, there's nothing here to help you in your quest for whatever in the world you're questing for. I'm just going to pretend I didn't even see that little gem of a search in my logs.

In depressing and completely and utterly horrible news, my previous step-mom (wife #4 of my dad's five wives) died last Friday. From the fucking flesh eating virus. In Cookeville, Tennessee. Part of me still can't get all of that through my head. They originally thought she had the flu when she went to the hospital, sent her home, thought she had strep when she came back, sent her home, and finally realized what it was the third time around. They amputated her left leg, then wanted to amputate the rest of her limbs when it kept spreading, but her family didn't want to put her through that, and she didn't want to live like that, so they rolled the dice with the ~5% chance that her body could fight it off, and lost. Despite she and my dad not getting along on a permament basis, she was a very, very cool woman, and was always very kind to me, and definitely did nothing to deserve such a terrible bad beat.

In happier news, I didn't play much poker at all this weekend. Blasphemy, I know, but I'm developing a bit of a case of burnout, as far as the computers go. Not so much poker specifically, but just sitting in front of a damn computer all the damn time. It doesn't really help that my day job consists of that, and nothing but that. Then I usually go home and put in at least 2-3 more hours at home, sitting in front of other damn computers. And then I get up at 7 on the weeken and sit in front of a damn computer for even more hours.

So yeah. The wife and I drove out to San Saba on Saturday, as part of a dual purpose trip to go look at wildflowers and check out the San Saba area, as far as potentially moving their someday and buying a miniature donkey ranch. While I think I'd very much like living out in the fairly remote Hill Country country, San Saba leaves a lot to be desired. But we had fun driving around, getting lost, so it was a good time, all in all.

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