Thursday, April 07, 2005

Omaha 8 Limit Tournament: Part Tres

Allrighty then. As the wise philosopher Tone Loc once set, "Let's do it."

What: Omaha 8 Limit Tournament
When: Friday, April 8 9:00 PM C.S.T
Where: Noble Poker
Cost: $5
Tournament Name: Omaha
Tournament Password: hammer

The first leg of the fledgling league is at its halfway point, and this'll be the 3rd of 4 initial tournaments. After the fourth tournament the top three finishers on the leaderboard get the following prizes (in addition, of course, to the admiration and awe of Omaha 8 players throughout the universe):

1st place: $60 + $25 Gift Certificate to Omaha Steaks
2nd place: $25 + copy of High Low Split Poker, Seven-Card Stud and Omaha Eight-Or-Better for Advanced Players by Ray Zee
3rd place: $15

Really kids, that's a pretty decent overlay. And the scoring system I'm using makes it very easy to make up ground, even if you haven't played in a single tourney in the league so far. Couple of good finishes in the last two and you might be right there, chomping on a nice steak, smoking a fine Cuban Swisher Sweet.

While we've had an awesome turnout for the first two (clocking in at 100 or so for the last one), they were both freerolls, with this one being the first buy-in. Despite my simian bluster at times, at heart I'm just a shy, shy monkey. I mean, I'm no Iggy, who can muster the organizational powers of the Dwarf Teamster Union, ensuring that hordes and hordes of players show up for tournaments. I still have that lingering fear that I'll be sitting in the tournament room this Friday night by myself, with crickets chirping, watching an A-Team re-run on TVLand.

So if you can make it out for the tourney, you'd have my undying, everlasting gratitude (plus I'll buy you drinks at Vegas in June). It's just 5 measly dollars to buy in, which is less than a Hardee's Frisco ThickBurger combo.

And yeah, I know, yet another poker site to sign up with. And I apologize for that. Truly. But Noble Poker has been very, very cool in organizing all of this (even providing that custom snazzy banner to the right), and, honestly and truly, I do recommend playing at their site. They've recently upped their signup bonus to 100% match, up to $500, which is the largest signup bonus out there that you can actually clear in a reasonable amount of time. I know the interface takes a little getting used to, especially the way it handles multiple tables, and yeah, if you play during non-peak hours your game choice may be limited, but the games are really, really soft. That plus the crazy signup offer makes playing there pretty solidly +EV, especially if you work in your play during down times on other sites you frequent.

If there's enough support for the whole league thang in general, I'd like to extend the idea to Razz, Stud, and Triple Draw. More and more I enjoy playing variants that are a bit off the beaten trail, especially if it's a tournament or something similar to stoke the competitve fires.

In closing, hope to see you there on Friday night. And many thanks to everyone who's shown their support so far. I've said it before but I'll say it again: ya'll rock.

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Drizztdj said...

Razz me crazy!

I'll try once again to make it but with my schedule I don't get home till after 9pm.

I'll at least sign up for the bonus whoring ;)