Friday, April 21, 2006

B2B Poker Bonus List

I've had more than a few requests for a list of some of the B2B poker bonuses I've been grinding of late, so here it be. (I stuck them on pages over at TPTK as Blogger doesn't seem to like to deal with tables that are more than a few columns/rows).

B2B Poker Bonus List
FAQ for B2B Bonuses

It's definitely a work in progress but I thought I'd go ahead and put it up. I've got tons of more sites to add, and I also plan on listing all of the bonuses that each site offers. For the first pass, I listed the bonus for each site with the best terms, but many of them offer a few different bonuses, of various juiciness as far as clearance rates.

I also listed a lot of the common questions in the FAQ. So if you're having trouble getting more than one referral bonus, hit the FAQ. Also keep in mind that you can absolutely get a referral bonus + a signup bonus for each site. Claim the referral bonus only when creating an account, then use the bonus code when making your first deposit.

The B2B sites are definitely an acquired taste but they've been really, really good to me. A lot of the really big 5x signup bonuses on the B2B network have expired, but there are plenty of good smaller ones to grind through, which definitely add up when you're clearing the referral bonus simultaneously.


GoBucksIndy said...

Thanks! These look great! Quick question. Have you received payments back from all the sites you quoted?

ScurvyDog said...


Except for a couple of those, I've received cashouts from nearly all of them with nary a hitch.

Almost all of the B2B sites use the 24HPoker cashier system, so while they may look like a dinky little site on the surface, 24HPoker is very legit and handles all the money processing. A few of the B2B sites reportedly don't use the 24HPoker system but I haven't hit one yet.

Cashouts can vary a bit but they usually hit my Neteller within a day or two of requesting them.

Pengo said...

Hey Scurvy,

Sorry to be OT but...

The interpoker bonus u list in your bonus guide. Its a monthly recurring bonus that you get when you've played 1200 raked hands.

Is this like the littlepoker bonus where once you've played 1200 raked hands, from that point forward you'll get the monthly bonus every month? Or do you have to play 1200 raked hands a month to get it every month?

So far I'm using Will Hill to generate a bankroll then will move onto littewoods. Then hopefully Interpoker to build it some more.

My plan is to get up to $500 then try Kiwi casino for their u to $500 100% match.


yahootan said...
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ScurvyDog said...


The InterPoker bonus is a monthly one, that you can get each and every month.

If you deposit $100, InterPoker will immediately credit your account with the $100 bonus. In order to withdraw it, you either have to play 1,200 raked hands in the poker room or clear the WR in the casino.

When the next month rolls around, you can deposit $100 and get another $100 bonus. If you got the bonus the previous month but didn't clear the raked hands, the bonuses stack on top of one another. So say you deposited the month before, got the bonus, but didn't play a single hand. The next month you deposit again, and get another $100 bonus. You now have $200 in bonus money in your account, but you have to play 2,400 raked hands to withdraw it all. If you play 1,200, then $100 of the bonus money becomes withdrawable, and the full $200 can be withdrawn when you play all the required hands.