Monday, April 03, 2006

Being Dominated is the Key to Success

Not too much pokering yesterday, as ScurvyWife and I spent a good chunk of the day at an artsy-fartsy festival downtown, looking at cool stuff and listening to music. Have to say it's much cooler going to such things after dabbling with welding and bronzing and what-not, as far as having a better idea to what goes into assorted stuff.

I did play a Bracelet Race satellite on Full Tilt after we got home, going out 50th or so. Chipped up early and was rolling along until my AQs couldn't take down QJo, KK couldn't take down KQo, and AKo couldn't take down A6o. That pretty much wiped me out to the point that I had to shove with KQo and got called by A6, which was good enough to send me packing. Whee, poker. I'm probably going to play a bunch of these, hoping that if I keep mashing buttons long enough I might luckbox my way into winning one. If the strength of the field last night is indicative of larger trends, they look to be pretty soft.

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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I too thought the competition on the $1500 bracelet chase on FTP last night was pretty soft. I ended up out in 21st out of 193 players, but it could have easily gone a different way for me if my top pair K kicker on a raggyass flop didn't run into pocket rockets at the most inopportune time. Anyways there was lots of opportunity to bluff these players, even to bluff-reraise them, and in all people were simply not as good at nlh as me. A good sign for the future for sure.