Monday, April 17, 2006

Whee, April

So far the month of April has been very, very good to me on the degenerate front. To the extent that I'm halfway tempted to just pack it in and wait for May. Which I won't, for all the obvious reasons, but still tempted.

Getting the bad out of the way first, I played like a complete lemur in the Bracelet Race last night and didn't even make the first break. Just bad play. I don't think I won a single hand, donking off most of my chips with AKs in two different hands.

Played in a second-stage qualifier for the WSOP satellite running at Martinspoker, with the top ten or so getting a 400 euro entry into the final satellite. Doubled up early and then proceeded to lose all my chips with 99 on a A 9 3 board, when the BB woke up with AA after just calling my pre-flop 3BB raise.

Which brings us to the happy fun part of the evening. I had something like $22 left in my Party account from the recent reload bonus I cleared there (check your accounts if you haven't already, as most people are getting some sort of bonus from Party at the moment). I was working on some freelance stuff and it was getting on towards bedtime, so I took all 22 bucks of it to a .50/$1 NL table at Party, just for kicks.

I got it up to $70 or so, then couldn't push a guy off his mighty gutshot draw that came in on the river, and got knocked back to $6. Tried to donk that off but kept sucking out, until I was back to $20 or so, and started playing again.

15 minutes or so later I was up over $200. Cashed out $150 of it and went back to the .50/1 NL tables with $50. Ran that up to just north of $300 in the next twenty minutes or so. Cashed out $250 of that and went back with $50. Ran it up to $125 before calling it a night.

Obvious silliness, really, and much good fortune, but man, those games were soft. And not just people who can't get away from TPTK soft, but shove pre-flop with 22 soft, after a sizable raise in front of them. And I wasn't even getting frisky or pushing things, just waiting for big hands, being patient. I'd be curious to see what sort of hourly rate a decent NL player could pull out of the baby limits at Party, playing 6-8 tables at a time.

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