Monday, April 24, 2006

Where Does the Time Go?

Even with taking last Friday off, it seemed like the weekend lasted all of 0.9 nanoseconds. My noggin' is just so completely not into the work I do at the day job of late, so I end up clinging more desperately to the weekend these days, which I suppose only accelerates the disappearance of said lovely, lovely weekend when Monday morning rolls around.

Poker has been a bit uneven of late. Dropped a couple of buy-ins at 20/40, which isn't fun, but got a good chunk of it back grinding at the current B2B poker bonus I'm working off. Tournaments were pretty much a complete washout, as I played a few satellites to assorted WSOP events but got no traction. Finished 20th or so in a Razz Bracelet Race, but never really got going, busting out when A24 suddenly turned into a brick magnet and couldn't take down 38J.

A bit of impatience is creeping into my mind of late, which is a bit of a new phenomenon, and probably not a good thing. I find myself suddenly signing up for reasonable expensive tournaments/SnGs on the spur of the moment, and cramming in sessions right before bed, trying to grind out something substantially profitable for the day, instead of being content to not play, or to finish about even. You can pretty much pin this one squarely on the aforementioned job malaise, even though it's a pretty silly connection. I'm not going to quit my job to play poker full-time, and no single days' result is going to make a whit of difference in the long-term necessity for a job, but there I am of late, trying to make something happen, instead of just being content to grind away.

Can't complain at all about April results so far, though, knock on wood, especially on the degenerate challenge side of things. Just gots to keep the eye on the grinding prize, stashing money into other +EV vehicles as I go, focusing not so much on the skull-numbing drudgery of the day job but on the future opportunities it's funding.

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