Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Interest List for B2B Bonus Cannonball Run

I've been rolling around this idea in my head for a few days and thought I'd throw the idea out there and see if there's any interest.

There's a whole ton of poker sites on the B2B network (60+), and nearly all of them offer a refer-a-friend bonus. (Not all are available to US players, but at least +30 are). Some offer signup bonuses as well, but for the sake of this let's just focus on the refer-a-friend bonus.

If you use a current member of the site as your referral when signing up, you're eligible for a 25 euro (~$30) bonus, which is credited to your account after you accumulate 200 VIP points from play at the tables. You get 1 VIP point every time the pot reaches €7.00 and is raked €0.30 (that's for NL and PL games; for fixed limit the pot has to be €10.00), so long as you were dealt into the hand.

If you play 2-3 tables of 100 NL simultaneously, you can rack up the 200 VIPs in an hour or two. Ditto if you play fixed limit at 2/4 or higher. That's generally speaking, so your mileage may vary slightly. Lower limits take a little longer but you should be able to clear the 200 VIPs pretty quickly, regardless.

So that's $30 in your pocket for 2-3 hours of play. Given that the games are really soft, you should hopefully add a little profit.

On the other side of the equation, the referrer (the player whose username you used in the referral field when signing up) gets a 50 euro (~$60) bonus when you reach 200 VIPs.

Hypothetically speaking, the referrer could return some of that to you as an incentive. If they kick you back half of it back, you'd be making a $60 bonus for each site, for 2-3 hours of play. If you do 30 B2B sites, you'd be making $1,800, just in bonuses.

The kickback payment could be made to any number of poker sites that allow transfers between player accounts, or through Neteller as a last resort (due to the fees incolved for account to account transfers).

Speaking further hypothetically, the referrer could also arrange it as a contest, and set aside part of their money from the referral as an extra incentive. So maybe they'd set aside 5 euros from each signup and add it to a pool. The top three players who completed the most bonuses would get a piece of this pool, split up something like 60-30-10.

So if 10 players did this, for a total of 200 refer-a-friend bonuses completed, the player who completed the most bonuses would get an added bonus of 600 euros (60% of 1000 euros), second place would get an extra 300 euros, and third would get an extra 100 euros. That's on top of all the individual $60 bonuses for each site.

There'd be some details to work out but that's the general idea. It's slightly skeezy and money grubbin' but it's completely playing by the current rules for B2B refer-a-friend bonuses. It'd be a bit of a pain as far as administration and coordination but not terribly so. Most of it could easily be handled by email.

Hypothetically speaking, if you have any potential interest in such an endeavor, you could hypothetically shoot me an email at with B2B in the subject line, and this could be discussed further, if there's enough interest in general.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.


lumpy said...

You probably know this but just in case I figured I'd inform you that the RAF bonus and signup bonus cannot be cleared at a bunch of the B2B sites. It's one or the other.

fairnbalncd said...

Hypothetically back atcha... It sounds like an Amway pitch...

But I do know a Double Diamond Ruby to the Third Power that went from living in a 14x72 trailer with a pitbull chained out front to a swank Beverly Hills mansion that sold soap via his downline and went on to become a Poker Champ.

Go for it.

ScurvyDog said...


That's actually not quite true. If you use the RAF bonus when you create the account and then the signup bonus code when actually depositing, it's been confirmed by many folks that you do indeed get both bonuses, and that they clear concurrently.

That said, many sites have wording in their terms and conditions that state you can't get both. They aren't enforcing it, but it's there to be enforced, if they choose to.

I didn't quite spell out all the entire plotting, but the Amway scam actually doesn't involve signup bonuses, for the most part. The idea is that you just do the RAF bonuses and avoid the common 10-20x B2B signup bonuses (which take much time to grind out and often only max out at 100-200 euros anyway), going for quantity and speed. You'd not do this for the really fat 5x B2B bonuses, as those are worth grinding, but you'd definitely ignore that 20x bonuses that only play out 100 euros anyway.

StB said...

Bonus whoring meets the pyramid scheme. Nice!

lumpy said...

Sounds like you got it worked out. I tried the RAF on Martins and got an error when signing up, just wanted to make sure you knew.