Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Grindy McGrindsaLot

Things are pretty calm on the poker front. Grinding out another big B2B network bonus and picking off some of the Crypto poker bonuses here and there for the degenerate challenge. I was going to donate in another Bracelet Race at Full Tilt last night but ended up just hanging out with ScurvyWife and watching American Idol and doing assorted chores.

I'm sort of a contrarian when it comes to American Idol, as I mainly watch just to root against selected people that annoy me. ScurvyWife absolutely hates Bucky and yeah, he's not the bestest knife in the drawer, but for some reason Ace is drawing more of my ire. Yeah, I know he's pretty much a lock to make the final 3 or 4 but dude, Jebus, you could not be more boring and pre-packaged if you tried. I even liked that goofy-looking, Fraggle-esque little dude Kevin more. And I didn't like him much at all.


presidentdavelee said...

Scurvy, I think Ace is gone either this week or next, he's been bottom three for a while. I'm with you though, I don't care as much about who wins, I do care about seeing the annoying ones off in the proper order :) I'm with your wife, I hate Bucky, but think he will just keep sliding up for some reason. Take care

Bloody P said...

All I know is I've got the McPheever, yo.

(and she's legal!)