Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday, My Arse

These half-assed holidays are the worst, especially on Fridays. I always forget that no one will be in the office, because everyone is much smarter than I am and requested the day off, as they knew it'd be a wasted, half-assed day anyway. Boo, me.

ScurvyWife is going to be in Dallas for a chunk of the weekend, so hopefully I'll get much poker time in. Haven't played at all this week and I'm definitely jonesing to play some. I think I'm going to burn some FPPs on Stars on some WSOP satellites, and probably some more satellites at my new favorite site Full Tilt.

Still not really feeling the LHE love, although I've been tempted of late to sit back down at 20/40, for whatever sick reason. Still avoiding the temptation successfully, for all the reasons I've elaborated on in the past, but it is there, lurking.

I also need to get an ungodly number of plants in the yard, plus lug much mulch and dirt around, so it's not going to be all reindeer games this weekend.

1 comment:

Mark said...

Resist the 20/40 ... at least for now.