Monday, April 03, 2006

A Very Odd Request

This is completely out of left field, but you guys and gals are an eclectic group with all sorts of strange hobbies and fascinations.

Can anyone recommend a nice general Common Electronics for Dummies sort of book? More in a hobby sense than in a re-wiring your home sort of practical sense, as what I'm looking for is something to get me up to speed on things like building a coffee maker (on/off switch, solid state temperature sensors, resistive heating elements, etc.) and similar things. Basically a primer on gadgety kind of home electronics applications and how to rig reasonably simple things up from scratch.

Many thanks.


Ric said...


Kind of my hobby as well.

A great resource:

Great forums and good info.

Fat Dan said...

Just plug yourself in and learn through osmosis.

That is how I have a large knowledge of 110V AC.

C.L. Russo said...

Thanks for linking to my blog. I'm going to return the favor!


Donkeypuncher said...

Mr Wizard's World on Nickelodeon.