Sunday, April 09, 2006

Move Your Ass, #4

On the bright side, kicking ass at the degenerate challenge so far. But I also sort of managed to completely burn myself out grinding through the WasaPoker bonus way too quickly, as far as putting in ridiculous hours to get it done. So I may chill on the poker a bit and catch up on some assorted work I keep shoving on the back burner.

Went to the tiny local horse track at Manor Downs with ScurvyWife and a friend today, which was lots of fun. ScurvyWife and I finished up +$40 or so, which is a pretty major coup given my past inability to do much other than gleefully set my money afire at the horse track. Normally I chase silly longshots and superfectas but I was mostly good today, trying to pick decent values and sticking to $5 place/show bets. It also helped that we hit on the one quinella box I allowed myself, as well as both of our individual place and show bets that race.

ScurvyWife took her camera and we went down on the rail near the finish line for one race, so she could take a short video of the action. She seemed to find it pretty amusing that she managed to record me saying "Move your ass, #4", but was concerned about putting it on her website/blog, which her pretty damn conservative family reads. And I'm like, "Uhh, he really needed to move his ass. And if your right-wing family can't see that and appreciate the urgency of the situation, screw them."

(I may, in fact, have only said the first sentence and merely thought the second.)

Back to the world of normal people at this time, dreading having to roll into the office on Monday. I'd gotten spoiled with telecommuting on Fridays/Mondays, which is temporarily on hold due to our silly reorg at work. Yeah, I know, it's hard to gripe about having to go to the office five days a week like normal folks but dude, I liked my three day work week. Here's hoping I can grit my teeth and not burn the building down until we get our telecommuting privileges back, after we prove that we can be good, dutiful monkeys.

In other gambling news, yeah, I'm the sucker that bet $50 on Zab Judah last night. Looked like a good bet for about three rounds but that was about it. Stupid boxing.

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