Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Poker? What's That?

Things are pretty dang quiet on the poker front. Other than a mini-session at Razz I haven't really played at all the last few days, mostly due to other deadlines and yard work and other fun life stuff. But I have to admit that it is sort of nice, as far as the feeling of getting a chunk of my life back, with all this "free" time.

Don't see much of a decrease in busyness looming on the horizon, either, as I need to get the kiln and welding stuff set up, and my little mini-foundry operations rolling. We've also been kicking around the idea of either buying a second house or investing in commercial property, or maybe a combination of the two if we could find the right property. Still pretty much pie in the sky talk at this stage but fun to ponder.



my father in law has several properties. One in particular brings 3k a month...its a commerical properity

i think its a great idea

PokerFool said...

Yo Scurvy,

What are some of your B2B referall names. I want to sign up at some through you. You should post a whole bunch.