Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Wild and Crazy Bachelor Life

ScurvyWife too off for Dallas around noon, and by 12:15 the strippers and blow were out in full force, sound system bumping...

Or, you know, I spent a good chunk of the day in the yard, sweating my ass off, getting a veritable shit-ton of plants in the ground and in pots. Yeah, that's how I roll.

Poker continues to treat me very well. I had two nice cashes in MTTs last night, one at Paradise and one at Prima, of all places. I had some fun money left in both accounts and decided to blow it on MTTs. A combined $1,500 or so later in winnings and I was cashing out a very happy monkey.

Then alien beings briefly inhabited my body and I played some 20/40 at Doyles. What can I say, I was powerless to resist them. Two of my favorite friends that play the 20/40 short games there were out in full force, so I told myself I'd sit for a bit. Which turned into more than a bit, but I ended up booking nearly $2K in profits before calling it quits for the night.

It's interesting playing with the crazy monkeys after taking a break from those games. I don't necessarily enjoy games like that but for whatever reason I felt like I handled the swings well. I got stuck about $800 right off the bat but I hung in there and battled back. Most of the profit came from two hands late in the session, one where I flopped a boat with 32 in the BB (and turned quad 3s) and the guy who limped with AA and let me see a free flop just refused to believe he was beaten, then another huge pot where I got squeezed between the two monkeys but my AK held up, somehow.

Probably just a temporary jaunt back into the mid/high tables, as I've got plenty of bonuses to grind away for the degenerate challenge. Felt good, though, even if it was just one session and indicative of not too much in the grander scheme.

Today has pretty much been a dry run, though. Played a handful of MTTs on Stars and Full Tilt but didn't even sniff the money. Bubbled in a Soko tournament at MartinsPoker, which blew pretty heavily, as I qualified via a satellite and it was an insanely top heavy structure, with the the first spot in the money getting 240 euros, and the next spot, which I proudly occupied, getting nada.

Currently working on a big honking list of all the B2B network sites with decent/good bonuses and referrals for the extra bonus for each, for people who have requested such.

Signed up for the LHE Bracelet Race tonight, which should be interesting. I haven't played a LHE tournament in, umm, forever.

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