Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mmm, TopRankedPoker Poker Bonuses...

TopRankedPoker (on the B2B network) just changed their signup bonus to a pretty juicy 5x bonus. It's a 100% up to 600 euro signup bonus (deposit $750 if you're in the US), with 30 days to clear it, paying out 20 euros for every 100 VIP points you accumulate. The bonus code is SIGNUP600.

You can also get an extra 25 euro referral bonus. Use referral name "scurvyTOP" when creating an account, then use the above bonus code when you make your first deposit. If you try to use both when cretaing an account, it won't work. Use referral when creating, bonus code when depositing. You'll get the 25 euro referral bonus after clearing 200 VIP points, then the signup bonus will be paid out 30 days after creation of your account, based on how many VIPs you accumulated.

They're also giving away 2 decks of BEE cards for anyone who signs up right now. Create an account, deposit, and "...send a mail to info@toprankedpoker.com, with your user name, name and adress, and we will send you the decks the same day."

On top of all that, the site is part of the B2B cashback program, that pays you a cash reward based on your play each month. If you accumulate 3001 VIPs in a month, you'll get an extra 50 euros back, on top of everything else, for your play. Note, though, that it's based on the calendar month, so if you split your play up over two months you might not get the full 50 euros, as they play less for lower levels of play.

These 5x bonuses on B2B sites usually don't last long, so you might want to hop on it while it's there, if you have any interest at all. If you clear the full 3001 VIPs in the same calendar month it ends up being a 675 euro bonus, plus two free decks of cards, which ain't bad at all.


Drizztdj said...

Is there enough traffic at the lower levels?

And "raked" meaning, any raked hand or is it tiered according to the blinds you play at?

ScurvyDog said...


The network has decent traffic, but it's almost all Euro-based, so the peak hours aren't convenient for us US folks. The site is busiest in the early afternoon, US-time, and clears out pretty dramatically during what are normal peak hours for us.

Any raked hand gets you a VIP point. In NL and lower limit HE, the pot must reach ~7€ before it is raked. In 1/2 limit HE and up, the pot must reach 10€ before it's raked and counts as a VIP.

These bonuses don't blaze by at lower limits but they go reasonably quickly, especially if you multi-table. I normally play 4 tables at a time, with a mixture of .5/1 and 1/2 NL, and 2/4 or 3/6 limit HE. I typically clear 200-250 VIPs/hour doing that, so it takes me about 15 hours to clear the ones that require 3000 VIPs.

El_Stuntman said...

great info Scurvy - I'm an avid reader, first time poster. What is the standard like on these B2B sites at the lower limits such 0.50/1 NLHE or even 0.25/0.50? My usual bonus-clearing mode is to grind through these limits with 3 or 4 tables open playing very TAG

ScurvyDog said...


It's pretty much a mixed bag, as far as the play you encounter at lower limits at B2B network sites.

You can find some ultra-tight tables at times, with most of the people grinding bonuses, unwilling to sink a single penny into a pot unless they have the mortal nuts.

You also find some crazy loose tables with drunk monkeys shoving all-in with Q4o pre-flop, when faced with a raise and a re-raise ahead of them.

Overall, the play trends a little more towards loose and crazy, as the majority of players on the network are from Scandi countries and tend to have a little more gambool in them in general.

PokerFool said...

Sweet! Another 5x 600 Euro B2B bonus. Thanks scurvy for pointing this out. I kicked ass while doing the martin's bonus (Up over 800 euro, not including the bonus).

I wonder how many hours of playing at 100NL it would take to clear this. I am thinking of maybe only depositing 400-500.

Will they pay out partial bonus? For example, what if I deposit 600 Euro, but only get through 2000 VIP in 30 days, will I get 400 Euro?


Mark said...

Awesome. I'm going to start these B2B bonuses very soon. Like today.

Meek said...

I believe I'll wait until March 1st to start, so all my play is in the same month. On their site it says:

One VIP point is rewarded for every hand you have been dealt cards in and which has been raked with €0,31 or more, regardless if you have put money into the pot or not.

But you say that as long as it is raked, there is a VIP, regardless of the amount?

gardener, the site says they pay out partial bonuses. When it is pay out time, they'll give you €20 for every VIP100.

ScurvyDog said...


Sorry, you're right, as far as the threshold for the raked hand counting as a VIP is if it's raked 0.31 or more. The pot sizes I quoted in my first comment are what's necessary for the pot to be raked 0.31 or more, which counts as a VIP.

But yeah, not all raked hands count, if they're not raked 0.31 or more. Sorry for the confusion.

Wwonka said...

I Just signed up and I followed your instructions and they will only give me the smaller refer a friend bonus.