Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sometimes Poker is Teh Suck

Was rolling along nicely last night, playing in a Bracelet Race and a satellite at Stars for the big WSOP qualifier they run on the weekends. Top 4 got a seat in the Bracelet Race and top 9 got a seat at Stars.

Down to 50 or so players left in each and I had slightly above above average stacks. The following two hands literally happened simultaneously on their respective site, within seconds of one another:

Bracelet Race: I've got JJ on the button and a 4K stack, with blinds something like 200-400. UTG (who's pretty much played like a retard so far but has luckboxed his way to a 9K stack) raises to 700. MP+2 (who barely has me covered) calls. I debate on whether I should jam or not but decide to see a flop, as I can get away from it if it's truly scary and I'd rather hope for a juicy flop and get a potential double instead of picking up 1,400.

Flop is J 7 2, rainbow. Can't get much juicier than that. UTG checks, MP+2 shoves all-in, I dwell a bit, trying to sell UTG on the fact that he might want to come along, too, and call. UTG insta-calls.

UTG rolls over 6d6s, MP+2 has KJd. My 96% equity evaporates as running diamonds come to give MP+2 the flush and IGHN. That would have given me the chip lead by a good 2-3K. Well played, fellas, well played.

Stars: I'm in the BB with QQ and a stack of 4K or so, with blinds around 200-400. Folds to MP, who raises to 1,200, and who slightly has me covered. Folds to me. I shove. MP calls with AKo.

Flop is Q 5 4, rainbow, giving me about 98% equity. Turn is J. River is 10, giving him the straight.

Whee, poker.


Bloody P said...

I was on the good end of that second situation a week ago. I luckboxed that hand (hitting the nut straight on the river) and ended up taking down the SnG later on.

But, I feel ya, yo. I can be teh suck.

Pengo said...

Last night, two hands and in both occasions its just the same guy and me in the hand...

I have pocket Kings, we get to showdown and he flops over Aces and wins. The flop, turn, river missed us both. So we were both pushing.

Then next time round I get pocket Queens, same thing happens the board misses us both and at showdown he turns over pocket Kings and wins.

That just wasn't my night!